paddleboard yoga warrior pose

5 Paddleboard Yoga Poses to Try

Paddleboard Yoga Begins

Paddleboard yoga is a very hot new trend out there. In fact, it’s not uncommon for most of the outfits that offer paddleboarding rentals or lessons to now have a class or two on how to do yoga on a paddleboard.

It’s sort of easy to see why it is so popular. First, you have paddleboarding, which is an awesome work out, tons of fun to do, and can be done by people of all ages, sizes and shapes.

Then, you add in yoga, a fitness “trend” that has been growing in popularity for years and is now being practiced by a wide number of people. There are thousands of men and women who are paddleboard yoga pros right now, after years of working on it. So, why not take it to another level and do the yoga on a slightly unstable board?

Poof! Thus, the marriage of paddleboarding and yoga was born.

How to Get Started

While, for the uninitiated, it might seem a bit daunting, paddleboarding yoga is pretty beginner friendly. If you are unsure about it, consider taking a class or group session. There you are going to find an instructor to help, and a couple of friendly enthusiasts who will be able to offer you plenty of support.

But, for our purposes, let’s imagine you are going to go about this alone.

Here are to paddleboard yoga poses to give try next time you are out on your board. You never know, it’s pretty easy to get hooked with these types of things!

Downward Facing Dog

paddleboard yoga downward facing dog
Photo: Sup Connect

Let’s start things off with something easy, shall we? The downward facing dog might be the most stable of all the poses you can do on your board, so start by giving this one a try. If you want a bit more stability, spread your feet apart so they are just at the outer edge of the board.


paddleboard yoga warrior pose
Photo: Toronto Sun

Another of the easier poses. Make sure that you are centered on the board and that the middle of your body is actually right over the most stable part of the paddleboard, which would be right about at the handle. If you feel a bit unstable, keep your back leg’s knee and shin on the board.

Bridge Pose

paddleboard yoga bridge ppaddleboard yoga bridge pose
Photo: The Clymb

Now, that we’ve got a few poses down, let’s kick it up a notch and switch positions on the board. Try out the bridge pose. Once again, work on keeping the center of your body over the middle part of the paddleboard for that extra bit of stability. With this pose you’ll really start to impress!

Seated Twist

paddleboard yoga seated twist
Photo: DNA Info

Need to sit down? Ok, let’s move on to the next pose. This one is a little bit easier and is called the seated twist. This will give you a chance to sit down on the board and take in a bit of all of that natural beauty around you while you pose. After you twist to one side, be sure to switch and do the other.

Crow Pose

paddleboarding  yoga crow pose
Lake Erie Paddler

Ok let’s try one that is a little bit more challenging. This is called the crow pose, it may look hard, but you can do it! Simply make sure your body is centered right over the handle of the board. Then spread your feet wide apart to make sure you have plenty of stability, from there give it a shot!

The great thing about doing yoga out on your board is that it’s great for both men and women. And, a special shout to the ladies if you are considering trying this, look at women’s paddleboards, you’re going to find they are a much better fit for your body type and needs!

There you have it, five paddleboard yoga moves to get you started. Give them all a try next time you are out on the board, or work one by one, pretty soon you’ll be good enough to impress all your friends, and be in fantastic shape!

Do you paddleboard yoga? Let us know what some of your favorite poses are!

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