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A Guide to Women’s Paddleboards

Not All Paddleboards are Created Equal

Let’s face it, when it comes to most pieces of sporting equipment, women just make do with what men end up using, even though sometimes they are larger and heavier than what a woman would really need.

In some sport’s women’s equipment is getting more specialized, women golfers, for instance, now can use clubs that are shorter, lighter and have a different bend to the shaft than their male counterparts.

So, as you can see, there is a lot more to giving women a great piece of sporting equipment than just making it pink and calling it a day.

paiwen paddleboards for women
A paddleboard can be light, sturdy and pretty, too.

And the same holds true with stand up paddleboards.

Of course, women can use a paddleboard designed for a man, and for the most part, won’t have any issues. But, some women are more interested in finding paddleboards made by companies that directly suit their own needs and wants. That’s where women’s paddleboards come in.

How to Choose a Women’s Paddleboard

One thing you’ll notice when getting started with stand up paddleboarding is that sup boards are huge, it is not uncommon for some models to be 12 feet or longer!

That’s a lot of board to carry, especially if you are on the smaller side.

For most men, having a long board isn’t much of a problem, generally men have both high levels of arm strength and longer arms, so grasping the board at the carry handle is no big deal.

However, if you are a shorter woman, say 5 feet, then being able to comfortably tuck your fingers into the carry handle might be a lot more difficult on a board that is 38 or 40 inches wide.

So, that is going to be a major consideration. After all, how often are you going to want to get out and spend time paddleboarding if it’s a massive pain in the ass to get your board out to the water because you can’t carry the board, right?

In the past, many women simply looked to smaller boards in order to get their fix out on the water. But now, there are a number of brands that are focusing on making sup boards specifically for women.

The Best of the Women’s Paddleboard Brands

There are a few brands out there that have realized it’s really important to focus on both men and women when making paddleboards, especially as the sport has been growing. But there is one that really shines when it comes to paddleboards for women.


paiwen womens paddleboards
A women’s paddleboard should be easy to carry.

In my experience, Paiwen makes some of the best women’s paddleboards out there. Since the company is run by women, they intimately know exactly what some of the challenges women paddleboarders face.

The boards feature a couple of women specific features:

  • Paiwen boards are really light, at only 28 pounds, they are some of the lightest on the market
  • Paiwen boards are much more women friendly with their specs, so the boards are only 10 feet long, 32 inches wide and 4.5 inches thick, this makes the board light and manageable for women, but still provide a ton of stability
  • Paiwen boards have a decidedly feminine look, the boards are rounded and have much more classic feminine designs
  • Paiwen paddles are made to have smaller handles, to accommodate smaller hands, and work for women who are much smaller in stature

Pretty cool, right?

Just by paying attention to these details, Paiwen has been having a ton of success with women and have found more than a few fans for life!

Once you start searching for paddleboards, you are going to be able to see which boards are going to work best for you. Take the time to consider some of your own specific requirements and levels of comfort before you choose which board you want. And, if you can, try testing out a few boards, you might find a specific size is just perfect for your needs.

For all the ladies out there, do you have a paddleboard for women, or a smaller men’s board? Let us know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “A Guide to Women’s Paddleboards”

  1. I just started paddleboarding and am just going to rent until I can get my own board (and/or borrow from friends). Where do you recommend looking for used boards and paddles?

    1. Hi Amy, I would look at Craigslist. Then I’d also check out your local rental shop, a lot of times they will sell older boards as newer models come in at a discounted price, you can usually get a pretty good deal. Also, many places have stores like Play it Again Sports where you can find quality used sporting gear. Hopefully one of those places will be able to get you a great board!

  2. I have an Odyssey SUP Touring board which I love and it is actually pretty light and easy to carry although I am tall so it may be more difficult for more petite individuals. I love my board though. It is perfect for touring on the Connecticut River and for #SUP FIT

    1. Great Sandra, it is always good to know which boards are women friendly :)

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